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Omniscient Incorporation
Water Well Drilling Rig Machines - Manufacturer, Supplier, & Exporter

Omniscient Incorporation is popular for the manufacturing, supplying, and exporting world-class Water Well Drilling Rig Machines. We have put our years of experience and expertise forward to manufacture and export high-quality machines. The product is the part of Omniscient, a successful brand name that effectively provides startling industrial support services.

Drilling Rig Machines Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

About Us
Water Well Drilling Rig Machines

Mostly, drilling rig machines are using to penetrate inside the land to create a hole. They are used for an array of purposes. For example, drilling water wells, oil wells, natural gas wells, foundation holes, construction, and the list goes on. The machinery is mounted over a mobile vehicle like trucks and trailers. Our machinery is so well crafted that it can easily penetrate the earth's crust.


Our prime vision is to continue manufacturing and eventually become one of the top exporters of the Water Well Drilling Rig Machine.


Our mission is to upgrade the products synchronizing them with customers' needs and the latest technology. So, that our customers will continue getting benefits.

Our Services

Quality Control


Quality Control is conducted in every process of our products.

Automatic Facility


The manufacturing unit is fully automatic with high technology machinery.

Standard Material


We use the standard raw material to produce high-quality machines.



Omniscient always eager to build a nice reputation in the worldwide market.



We give our best to win the customer's trust. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.



Our support team is always online to help you. Also, we provide 24/7 Email support.

Reasons to Buy Water Well Drilling Rig From Us

robust and quality water well machines

Water well drilling work requires a heavy-duty structure. Along with that, being powerful, and top-notch is also important. So, Omniscient drilling rig machines stand undefeated and the best.

We only use quality parts and equipment materials for manufacturing. In addition, our highly skilled workers utilize the best materials very effectively. In the end, we get the best machine that is completely ready to dive into the Earth.


Our machines are very much reliable. In a short span of time, you will develop an immense trust over them. Also, you will always be assured that the work will get successful. Our unique and modern engineers make the machine long-lasting. Therefore, no doubt it is the number one choice.


We sell our machine at comparatively lower rates than the actual market price. We implement cutting-edge technologies and high-quality materials, parts and equipment in the manufacturing process like:

  • Hydraulics Cylinder
  • Rotary Head Steel Cast Body with Grinning Gears
  • Hydraulic Motors
  • Pumps
  • Control Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Hydraulic Rubber Pipes
  • Levelling Jacks
  • Spanners
  • Water Injection Pump with Stainless Steel Piston
  • Head and Valve
  • Winch Gear
  • Hammer
  • Button Bits and Many more

There cannot be such a great value for money deal. Omniscient believes in providing the best value for money to its customers.

Support - Drilling rig manufacturer in india

We are always enthusiastically ready to help you whether it's before or after-sales. We host dedicated support channels. So, there would be no problem in finding solutions to your problems.

customer satisfaction

Full filing our customer's needs and matching their standards is our utmost aim. Quality products, timely service, and commitments. These are the things that make us the first-ever choice for the customers. Also, with the same dedication and effort, we will continue serving you forever.


These are the variety of machines that we manufacture in our factory.